Ela Lair is a surgeon of the mind, a hands-on professional with over 16 years of applied work experience in dissecting thought patterns, belief structures, attitudes and emotions that often hamper our career development or lead to conflicts in our private lives. Often labeled as the ‘Queen of Thoughts’, Ela has acquired a rare skill-set, having learned how the mind works, and is now able to apply this knowledge helping others shape their lives and careers. She has the talent to simplify complex thinking patterns, helping you to find the reason for your recurring thoughts, and also creating an understanding to help raising self-awareness on the causes of our problems.

Since her childhood, Ela has questioned nearly everything with her curious mind, wanting to go behind the obvious and finding out the How’s and Why’s. In her late teenage years, an injury lead to her first self-healing experience, as the doctor’s diagnosis was a grim one, not giving her any hope to ever be able to dance in highheels in the luxurious surroundings of the Imperial Palace in Vienna. Eventually she was becoming passionate on how the mind works, and how thinking-patterns often interfere with our inner desires, dreams and set goals in life. Most of the time, our own beliefs are the reason for not being able to reach these desired outcomes. If neglected, these barriers can lead to frustration or depression, fears, anxiety, allergies, illnesses or other disorders. With Ela’s skill-set, she is not only able to help her clients receive the blue-print of their thinking, but also guide them on changing their thinking patterns that impede their development. Some of her clients see her as the last resort of hope, having tried all other options. Due to her growing reputation, Ela has climbed up the ladder, is now often sought as the initial and primary contact for advice and guidance on self-empowerment.

As an advocate of self-improvement, Ela lives by example. Since her children have become independent, she is now able to excel in her profession. Having lived in the USA and in Europe, she is able to work in English and in German. Her work has taken her across the globe, from Hawaii to India. Usually Ela works with individuals, ideally face-to-face or using Skype, but also has a track-record in giving presentations in front of growing enterprises.

Ela holds a diploma in mental training, a certificate for communication and business management, as well as for human resources. In addition, she received a certificate in the reflection method and has acquired senior expertise in the USA on Eutaptics. Ela is married and they have 6 children.

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